Episode 9

Published on:

16th Jul 2018

009: Just me - I self reflect about what I’ve learned to date

In episode nine, I self reflect. Based on the first eight episodes, I take a step back and discuss what I've learned to date, from guests as well as conversations I've had outside of the podcast. Additionally, I give a preview of what's to come; round two with Sean, a future interview with a sex therapist, and why I'd like to include singles as guest after a conversation with my sister. Between now and next time, check out the library (couplecollective.com/library), where I recommend books that I've read or have been recommended to me. As always, you can continue to engage beyond the podcast on the website www.couplecollective.com and via our social channels @couplecollective; I want to hear your stories and your feedback. Leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts. Much Love!

Cover art by Laurie Berger (www.laurenjanestudio.com)

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About the Podcast

Couple Collective
A podcast that captures the relationship journey of couples and singles. Episodes are geared towards listeners who are single or in a relationship, giving you an opportunity to learn from others, including therapists, about the elements that make romantic relationships work. My name is Julian A. Lewis II and I created this platform to learn how I can be successful in my romantic relationship. Through this journey I've learned a lot; mainly, I cannot replicate others experiences, but learn from them to create my own experiences. I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me. Much Love! Cover art by Laurie Berger (www.laurenjanestudio.com).