Episode 12

Published on:

7th Oct 2019

012: A couple who prepares to partner together - Em & Me

On this episode of Couple Collective, Sean Holcombe, our neighbor and the Couple Collective resident therapist, interviews Emily and me. Coming off our engagement, Sean offered to flip the script and host. No questions were shared in advance, and both Em and me were expecting a fluffy ‘How did the engagement go down’ type conversation. Instead, Sean grabbed questions from his wife Bekah’s pre-marital counseling book (she is a Rabbi and meets with couple pre marriage). 

If you are interested in a particular question we are asked, I’ve updated the notes to include time stamps that you can click on to jump ahead.

  • (2:11) - "Why get married?" - (link to our engagement video)
  • (10:19) - "Are there certain things you're looking forward to once you're married?"
  • (12:04) - "What are some of your short term and longer term goals for your marriage?"
  • (17:00) - "What are your ideas around conflict? How do you deal with it" - Reference Bill Ramsey's 'Total Money Make Over' & Harville Hendrix 'Getting the Love You Want' + 1440 Multiversity
  • (23:32) - "Are there other business goals we have as a part of our marriage?"... Ayesha Curry shout out
  • (27:50) - Wants & Needs: "How do we fight fair for the things that are important to us?"

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